The current global scenario is bleak at best. With the COVID-19 pandemic on peak the world is grappling with crashing markets, losses to businesses and investors and entrepreneurs looking for safer investment opportunities around the globe. This is where the incredible art of business- Land Banking steps in.

The charm of land-banking

It is common knowledge that land is a commodity that is here to stay and remarkably appreciate in terms of capital and value even during these unprecedented times of crisis. Quite simply, Land-banking is best described as a buy-and-hold technique of a tangible fixed assets with a high demand and low supply; the profit margin is phenomenal and overheads minimum. Sophisticated investors have long known the value of acquiring a piece of empty land and watching it almost double in its value a decade later. Land-banking has turned smart investors into millionaires by investing in a well-placed land even when the markets around them have crashed during booms, financial crises, recession and pandemics.

Experienced and young investors alike are familiar with the advantages of investing in islands for they hold a plethora of opportunities with low risk and a long-term appreciation. Do your market research and have your land undergo a due diligence process by experts such as engineers and geologists that will ensure that the land and soil is equipped for future (water and electricity facility). It is crucial that one does market research before choosing the land that is most attractive and then decide whether you want to sub-divide the land, lease it out to other investors or businessmen for a steady stream of revenue or simply hold it to build the property of your dreams! The options are endless and financial prosperity is guaranteed! The best part of land investment? Forced appreciation strategy and added-value! Once your land is primed and ready, smart investors add a valuable touch of sparkle to their property by adding value through basic infrastructure such as water, electricity and road access that will instantly increase the value of your land even more.

Looking for the best high-growth area to start?

Indonesian islands, especially Lombok and Sumba are set to become the hub of foreign investment and lucrative land-banking aided with national projects that will turn them into the next hot thing after Bali. The prospects are huge and what better time than now to invest your hard-earned money into an assets that cannot perish, be destroyed or ever dwindle in demand? That’s right! Land-banking and land investment will continue to see exponential rise for demand especially in stunning get-away islands with the potential to turn into luxurious resorts.

Land-banking and Land investment is here to stay and make waves in the business industry and it is unfortunately left unexplored by many who failed to see the long-term value of a smart investment but it is not too late! Explore the world of land-banking in Indonesia and discover this pot of gold before others do.

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